On 6/11/2011 a high school friend, Kim Hamilton, got married at the Little Chapel of Flowers in Vegas.   Sadly I was unable to attend at the last minute!  I promised them a newlywed photo shoot when they returned home! They are SUCH love birds! After the session my husband says to me, “WOW, you can really tell they’re in love! ”  You’d think it was a fresh relationship but I explained that they’ve been together SEVERAL years before getting married! For a couple to have that much love after all that time…you know they’re meant to be together!

You’ll see that Kim & Phil’s “little” man, Ike blessed us with his presents! I’m SO glad they brought him! Ike is a complete and utter sweetheart! It’s unfortunate he no longer has use of his back legs due to a spinal complication, but that doesn’t keep him from being full of life!  Such a sweet boy! He did GREAT!