Introducing the lovely Maggie Gill!!  2012 Senior Ambassador for Hilhi!!!

Maggie Gill Hilhi 2012 Senior Rep

Maggie became my Ambassador in an interesting kind of way. I have a daughter who attends the same school (as a sophomore).  She brought home the Voters Ballot for the 2011/12 student council. I loved Maggie’s little snippet on why the students should pick her. I reached out to see if she was interested in being my ambassador and she accepted instantly.

A month went by, finally getting some decent weather.  I met her and her family in Downtown Portland. We wondered all over the place even hopping on the MAX a time or two! We were getting some amazing shots but after almost two hours it was time to call it a wrap. It was a joy to get to know all the Gill girls .

I knew Maggie enjoyed the shoot when she informed me of a friend (Sarah Healy) who was interested in being a rep for another school (Century/Valley). A few weeks later Maggie met me at the tail end of Sarah’s shoot to get a few misc shots. BOTH times Maggie was full of inspiration and ready to do what ever was asked of her.

THANK YOU MAGGIE! I hope you ave an amazing Senior year!