Some of my clients may not know that aside from my photography business I also work full time as a bookkeeper at Noyes Development Co.  It’s a great company to work for, and  Peter is the owner.

I’ll be shooting their wedding in a few weeks, but they had an idea to create a picture book for their guests to sign vs a traditional book.  It was a wonderful idea. As I helped them put it together I suggested an engagement shoot  to have some additional images for the book. I’m so glad they took me up on it.

I was SO nervous!!!!  I’ve seen him almost daily for 5 years, there was no reason to be nervous. I think I just wanted it to be PERFECT!

They arrived at the Hillsboro Library around 6 pm that day. It was a beautiful day for photos.  I could hear the rumble of his pride and joy coming well before I saw the bright red wagon!

Below are the highlights of their session. Fun was had by all!