I know it’s been a long while since I’ve posted. To top it off we’re 27 days into 2012!  The downside of being extremely busy w/ a FT job, a thriving business, and a family.

I’ve been honored to capture so many clients memories these past few years. I look forward to many more.  I’ve met some amazing people.  2012 is going to be filled with success and happiness for everyone. I can just feel it.

Some things I’ve learned from 2011:

  • There’s so many avenues of of photography. You have newborns, seniors, family, maternity, children, glamour, engagement, sports, weddings, journalism, etc…. One evening I’m  watching Grey’s Anatomy. Grey was getting pushed to choose the field she was going into. Do you want to specialize or be just a general surgeon??   Weird how life can make sense in the strangest of places!  I started thinking, what would I choose? While I love to always have my camera in my hand there comes a point you truly enjoy some things more.  For me that’s  HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS and GLAMOUR. I enjoy the others but I love seniors/glamour more.
  • I need to get better at blogging about my beautiful sessions. I love looking back at my past blogs & seeing what I’ve accomplished. Time always gets away from me and this is one place that falls short, but I need to make it a goal for each session.
  • I have to better balance work & family. Yes I know this contradicts my statement above. If  I’m working 24/7 how can I blog more & juggle family.  Plain and simple it’s time for a business plan! My time away from my family is worth so much and I need to stick to a value that is comfortable for me.  I’m aware this will cut down on the # of sessions I do but I have to value my time better.
  • The Most important thing I learned was I’m meant to be a photographer. I’m NOT just a mom with a camera. With everyone owning an SLR camera calling themselves a photographer it’s an extremely tough business to be in. HOWEVER seeing my work displayed beautifully on walls proves I am an artist. It gives me the confidence to know my portraits are way more than just an “auto” button.
Another big announcement:  I now accept all major credit cards!!! This is super exciting.  I feel all grown up!!!
There will be big changes coming to my once little business. I have grown so fast which is super exciting, but of course there’s always growing pains.  It’s time to take the things I learned in 2011 and better 2012.  There will be more lessons learned every day/month/year. It’s what we do with those revelations that sets us apart.  Stay tuned for big announcements associated to DRP.