Tomorrow is Valentines Day! Are you ready????  It’s a day filled with beautiful flowers, tasty chocolates, mushy cards, and hearts galore. Some people embrace it fully making it an special day with that special someone.  Some fight it completely by calling it a Hallmark holiday. No matter what you believe tomorrow is still Feb 14th.

Many classrooms will have a party and hand out cards to each classmate. Instead of buying a 30 pack of some cheesy V-cards I found a neat idea on Pinterest. What do you think? 🙂 She’ll have 3 different ones to hand out. Taylor is super excited to hand them out to her friends tomorrow.

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MY VDAY PLANS INCLUDE: A nice romantic dinner with my husband at PF Chang’s. We’ll head home afterwards, completely stuffed, and most likely watch a movie/show. You want to know the best part?  Every day is Valentine’s day as long as it’s shared with my Valentine.

TIP TO ALL COUPLES: On our wedding day we vowed to have a date night once a month. We picked the 20th since it was the day we got married. No matter what day of the week it may land that’s date night. The date can be big or small, but set aside one day to slow down and reconnect. We all lead busy lives but take a moment!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day tomorrow!