Ok we all know it…this weather in the Portland Metro area has been insane (snow, down pour rain, high winds, sun, repeat).  It makes it really hard to schedule outside portraits.   Those brief moments of sun has me looking forward to those spring days I can once again return to Hondo Dog Park!  OH how I miss thee as I’m sure the doggies do as well!


If you haven’t taken your furies there  it’s a must!   They can run freely smiling from ear to ear while playing with the other kids.  It’s the best groomed dog park I’ve found.  They  have a big, little/timid, and a winter section.   The little side is fantastic for my little boy Jester (Shitzu mini poodle) who thinks he’s a big dog.  If you think about it don’t most little dogs believe they are much bigger than they REALLY are!!  BUT only when there’s a fence between them and the massive canine can they be tough & worry free.

Now my little guy knows the word “DOG PARK” !  Your’s will to if you start going!  If those two words leave my mouth he’s already excitement giving me that cute little head turn of,  “Really are we going???”.  He even knows the car ride and shakes in excitement at the light approaching the park.

Now my little guy may be small but don’t count him out in any game a chase! He’s a lot faster than he looks.   If  he encounters another dog in his way he has no problem making the leap over them to keep the lead. Tables turn though when the miniature greyhounds arrive. Only then does he get wide eyed and waive the white flag running for “base”  (aka the bench where the parents reside).

It truly is funny to watch. Much like elementary school you will have the “clicks” and the chit chat of the parents watching the kids play. I highly recommend anyone with a dog check it out. Be sure to bring a water bowl because all that playing requires many drink breaks.  And a towel because boy they sure do get dirty having all that fun!    See you next sunny day! I’ll be the one with the big camera. 🙂

Hondo is just off of highway 26 next to the Hillsboro stadium.  CHECK IT OUT!!!   http://www.hillsborodogs.org/park.html