Today, the day before spring break, we woke to some snow fall!!   All the Hillsboro schools were put on a 2 hour delay. It was a perfect amount of time allowing the kids to play in the snow before it melts.

Of course days like this I start thinking about my school days and how seldom we had snow days. There is however one day I will always remember.

I believe I was in 5th or 6th grade. There was a threat of snow to come but since it hadn’t arrived yet everyone went off to school. Shortly after the day started the snow began to dump!! All the students were having a hard time focusing on what the teacher was saying with such a rare occasion happening outside. It was coming down so fast it collected quickly on the roads. Over the classroom speakers we hear the announcement arrangements are being made for the kids to return home.

Teachers gave up focusing on school work and allowed us kids to watch the magic fall from the sky. As a kid in a place that rarely gets snowfall it’s an amazing sight. The flakes were massive, and everything began to turn white.

I believe around the same time frame our class was shown how to create snowflakes out of folded paper, proving the point that no snowflake is same.

It was almost lunch time but instead of serving lunch it’d be easier to wait until everyone got home to eat. Instead the principal decided while they were waiting for busses to arrive they’d bake up FRESH rolls for the kids to tide them over. You know that smell of baked bread?? It consumed the school. They brought big trays to each class room still warm & ever so soft. Delicious!

I can’t remember what happened once we got home. I’m sure snow men & angels were made alone with a neighborhood snow ball fight. But I do clearly remember the big snowflakes fall outside the classroom window and how amazing that roll tasted.

It’s funny the things that make an impression on your through life.