QR BAR CODES…. What are they?

QR Code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code)

<—- This little square is a bar code that can be scanned by an application via your camera smartphone. Think of it as a “short cut” icon. Scanning the bar code may bring you to a website or someones contact info. No need to type a thing, just scan!!!

This particular code brings you to my Pinterest Page to follow.

Interested in trying it?


Step 1. Download a Bar Code Reader.




Step 2. Open the App and use your smartphone camera to scan the code.





Step 3.   Scan the code ——->

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Nice job! Now you can scan all sorts of things. You may even spot random ones around town as little funnies.

I’ve even placed a QR Code on my custom phone cover to help clients find me on Facebook. It’s super simple, ENJOY!

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