Last Friday was my daughter’s Father Daughter Dance at school. Her dad bought her a super cute dress the weekend prior and he purchased a shiny new suit for the occasion. They were going to be dressing in style!

I knew she was excited but I had no idea how much until the field trip I went on the day of the dance.  Her whole class knew because she had done nothing but count down the days to her classmates & teacher all week.  After the field trip we came home to start the preparations of her first date. Thankfully it was one with her father. Much less stressful on dear old mom.

We straightened her hair to perfection adding a cute flower headband. A dash of blush was placed on her cheeks and hint of pink lip gloss. Last but not least a small coat of mascara to bring out her eyes.  WOW! I had no idea her eye lashes were that long. We got her dress on assuring nothing was messed up.

The anticipation was killing her and her dad was still 15 min away. To keep her butterflies down we set out to take some pictures of her looking so beautiful.

She was causing quit the buzz as we were at a location right by the main entrance to our community. People were driving by honking and waiving at her. She felt SO special getting all that attention. Well deserved I might add!

We went back to the house to await her date. She was watching the door just like our dog does. SO CUTE!  Her date showed up and we went straight out to capture a few portraits of them all dressed up together.

You should have seen her face when he went to open the car door for her. She was giddy with excitement.

We were both proud parents realizing what a beautiful young lady she’s becoming.

They had a wonderful time at the dance. She came home jazzed her dad had taken #1st place during the dance off among the other dad’s. Her quote was “I’m going to be the most popular kid in school on Monday!”.

DADDY DANCE OFF! How many of these guys do you supposed had to take two Advil and ice joints after this?  BUT ….boy howdy those girls were in aww of those dad’s busting a move. Nice job fellas!