Oh how I love Prom!  That special time of year when the guys dress up in their very best finery and the girls spend all day getting their hair and make-up done before slipping into that special dress for a night of celebration.  Getting that perfect look is almost more important than actually attending.  What better way to preserve how great you and your date look than in a photograph.  Before the Hilhi senior prom, 4 couples decided to do just that, and allowed me to be the honored photog.  Maggie & Austin, Courtney & Jacob, Anna & Junior, and Lacey & Jesus all met me at the top of Rocky Butte state park for a series of stunning pictures with Portland itself being the backdrop.

All the girls looked stunning and the men just as dapper as we posed, glammed, and just got silly.  Some of the girls were a little wobbly trying to navigate the stony steps in those killer heels but the boys were always there to lend a hand (and even carry them around in some cases)!  It was a great time and everyone left with a killer smile and some amazing shots.  Now off to the party!!