Over the weekend I took my youngest daughter Taylor on a Mother Daughter date.    I wasn’t 100% sure what to do after but figured we could talk it over at dinner.

As we drove to Red Robin we passed a sign for the Hillsboro High School Play, Beauty & The Beast.  PERFECT!   I had yet to see a play even though my oldest daughter, Breanna, attends Hilhi.

We arrived early to get good seats.  It was amazing how many people we ran into:  Taylor’s teacher from last year, clients I had photographed, softball teammates, and friends we hadn’t seen in awhile.

I brought my camera unsure if pictures would be allowed.  The conductor instructed the audience to turn off cellphones and no flash photography!  Got it! No flash!

The kids did a fantastic job and the singing was amazing!  I can’t wait to attend the next Hilhi Play.