Today I wanted to honor two loving parents, Kim & Phil!   Tomorrow will be a very hard day as they prepare to say goodbye to their furry boy Ike.  We love our pets as if they are our own children. Saying goodbye is never an easy thing.  Ike was so blessed to have amazing dedicated parents providing him with such a great life where others may have given up.  He has lived a wonderous life because of it.


Ike faced a long battle in which he spent several years without the use of his back legs. To help him lead a more normal life he was fitted for his very own wheelchair.   I was lucky enough to photograph their family in 2011.  Ike looked very dapper that day!  It was clear he still had lots of life in him and his parents knew it!

In honor of Ike I’d like to ask anyone reading this to take some time out of your day and play with your fury kids.  Toss the ball, go for a walk, or scratch that favorite spot.