Meet Arden, a beautiful HS Senior from Scappoose, OR.   I photographed her brother, Andrew,  a few years ago and now it was her turn for the spotlight.   She was super nervous in the beginning but we got her out of her shell in the end.

The first thing I noticed about Arden was her complete mustache outfit:  Shirt, Belt, shoes, necklace, etc….. Loved it!  After Kat, my lovely hair and makeup artist, had completed her look we were off to our first destination.

We started out at the Portland Rose Test Garden up by the Zoo.  She looked stunning.  To help ease her into the shoot we did some fun silly pictures with her and her sister. Such an amazing bond they had.  The other visitors couldn’t help but watch the action.

Near the end we moved to a very quiet one way road (completely safe mind you) for a few shots. At one point we moved to the side as we heard a motorcycle  coming. Funniest thing ever!!!  The motorcyclist finally becomes visible  fully decked out in black riding gear, tinted black helmet, driving an old Vespa Moped.  Arden gave her best princess wave as he drove by. We got the shot(s) and moved onto the next location.

Downtown Portland was a place she frequently visited so it seemed only fitting to use that as our second shooting location. The waterfront was the perfect setting for our final location.

I know it was difficult for her to be the main focus but she did fantastic.  I know it’s hard to view ourselves and not be critical but it makes me so excited when a model loves their portraits.

Such a stunning young lady! Show your support and comment below.



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