May 23, 2014

DRP has had the privilege of photographing the Granum Family for several years now.  They’re not only our friends but have become a part of our family.  These amazing people hold a very deep place in our hearts.

In 2013 they were blessed with a few new additions to the Granum household.  Arrio married a stunning young women, Kelsey.  I had the previliage of meeting her while they were in Oregon visiting.  Only a few months into their marriage he was deployed to Afghanistan.

In Oct 14th 2013 the new couple welcomed a beautiful baby girl Arrena.  Arrio was still serving in the US Army during the birth, but was lucky enough to steam live video to partake in the beautiful day.  Technology can be a blessing during times like these!!!

January 2014 Arrio arrived safely home to meet his little angel.    When they came back to Oregon a family photo shoot was a must!!

Pic5 copyPic6 copyPic1 copy pic2 copy Pic8 copy Pic9 copyDRP_9258 copyPic7 copyGrandpa {Martin} Grandma {Annette} Auntie {Megan} Uncle {Aaron- not pictured} Mother {Kelsey} Father {Arrio} Daughter {Arrena}

Shortly after these photos were taken Megan followed in her father’s footsteps and was off to basic training in the US Air Force. This family continue to be my hero for all they do for their family, friends, and their country! *Salute*

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Cortney is a DRP model straight from the class of 2014.  A high school senior at Century High School.

Several years ago I had the privilege of photographing her sister Meranda and now it was Cortney’s turn.  Unlike her sisters session we lucked out and got amazing Oregon weather.

What a perfect day her portraits turned out to be. Lovely colors on the trees, nice soft clouds w/ a hint of sun, and a glamorous model. Cortney knew exactly the look she wanted for her portraits but was up for any adventure I took her on. We roamed up and down the streets of Downtown Portland Waterfront.  Up in parking garages, in low traveled streets, in the park, on a bench. You name it we took it. Such a stunning young woman.

It was an honor to be her HS Senior Portrait Photographer. It’s just a remarkable time in a students life.   731684 7 3 2 Boutique Imagery for the Modern Client!!! THANKS FOR READING! CALL TODAY and lets get your stunning family up on your walls displayed to view every day. If you’d like to stalk me see below!   🙂 {Follow me} on Twitter:  DRPLife {Follow me} on Instagram: DRPLife {Follow me} on Pinterest: DRPLife {Follow me} on Facebook and “like” My DRP page

Meet Arden, a beautiful HS Senior from Scappoose, OR.   I photographed her brother, Andrew,  a few years ago and now it was her turn for the spotlight.   She was super nervous in the beginning but we got her out of her shell in the end.

The first thing I noticed about Arden was her complete mustache outfit:  Shirt, Belt, shoes, necklace, etc….. Loved it!  After Kat, my lovely hair and makeup artist, had completed her look we were off to our first destination.

We started out at the Portland Rose Test Garden up by the Zoo.  She looked stunning.  To help ease her into the shoot we did some fun silly pictures with her and her sister. Such an amazing bond they had.  The other visitors couldn’t help but watch the action.

Near the end we moved to a very quiet one way road (completely safe mind you) for a few shots. At one point we moved to the side as we heard a motorcycle  coming. Funniest thing ever!!!  The motorcyclist finally becomes visible  fully decked out in black riding gear, tinted black helmet, driving an old Vespa Moped.  Arden gave her best princess wave as he drove by. We got the shot(s) and moved onto the next location.

Downtown Portland was a place she frequently visited so it seemed only fitting to use that as our second shooting location. The waterfront was the perfect setting for our final location.

I know it was difficult for her to be the main focus but she did fantastic.  I know it’s hard to view ourselves and not be critical but it makes me so excited when a model loves their portraits.

Such a stunning young lady! Show your support and comment below.



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In my profession, having a model that is willing to try anything to get that perfect shot is always a nice treat to have.  If that model also happens to be stunningly beautiful, that helps too!  Luckily my latest target, Megan Granum, is both!  On a cloudy and occasionally rainy day in downtown Portland, we had an amazing time moving, posing and generally being silly.  Megan was willing to try just about anything with an unbelievable enthusiasm.

Her quirky attitude made for some interesting and funny poses.  She brought with her a pretty colorful collection of outfits and we managed to get shots in each of them.  The wind was not working in our favor while changing but was certainly appreciated when posing (who needs a wind machine when you have the real thing right?).

Megan is a smart young woman who is going to achieve great things in life.  She is passionate and quiet the go get’er.  I mean come on….this girl has already achieved getting her pilots licenses before she’s even graduated high school! Not to mention holding down a PT job at a law firm. AMAZING!

Megan Granum Valley Catholic High School

Megan Granum Valley Catholic High School

Jan 31, 2013

Today I wanted to honor two loving parents, Kim & Phil!   Tomorrow will be a very hard day as they prepare to say goodbye to their furry boy Ike.  We love our pets as if they are our own children. Saying goodbye is never an easy thing.  Ike was so blessed to have amazing dedicated parents providing him with such a great life where others may have given up.  He has lived a wonderous life because of it.


Ike faced a long battle in which he spent several years without the use of his back legs. To help him lead a more normal life he was fitted for his very own wheelchair.   I was lucky enough to photograph their family in 2011.  Ike looked very dapper that day!  It was clear he still had lots of life in him and his parents knew it!

In honor of Ike I’d like to ask anyone reading this to take some time out of your day and play with your fury kids.  Toss the ball, go for a walk, or scratch that favorite spot.