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Last Friday was my daughter’s Father Daughter Dance at school. Her dad bought her a super cute dress the weekend prior and he purchased a shiny new suit for the occasion. They were going to be dressing in style!

I knew she was excited but I had no idea how much until the field trip I went on the day of the dance.  Her whole class knew because she had done nothing but count down the days to her classmates & teacher all week.  After the field trip we came home to start the preparations of her first date. Thankfully it was one with her father. Much less stressful on dear old mom.

We straightened her hair to perfection adding a cute flower headband. A dash of blush was placed on her cheeks and hint of pink lip gloss. Last but not least a small coat of mascara to bring out her eyes.  WOW! I had no idea her eye lashes were that long. We got her dress on assuring nothing was messed up.

The anticipation was killing her and her dad was still 15 min away. To keep her butterflies down we set out to take some pictures of her looking so beautiful.

She was causing quit the buzz as we were at a location right by the main entrance to our community. People were driving by honking and waiving at her. She felt SO special getting all that attention. Well deserved I might add!

We went back to the house to await her date. She was watching the door just like our dog does. SO CUTE!  Her date showed up and we went straight out to capture a few portraits of them all dressed up together.

You should have seen her face when he went to open the car door for her. She was giddy with excitement.

We were both proud parents realizing what a beautiful young lady she’s becoming.

They had a wonderful time at the dance. She came home jazzed her dad had taken #1st place during the dance off among the other dad’s. Her quote was “I’m going to be the most popular kid in school on Monday!”.

DADDY DANCE OFF! How many of these guys do you supposed had to take two Advil and ice joints after this?  BUT ….boy howdy those girls were in aww of those dad’s busting a move. Nice job fellas!

Apr 06, 2012

It’s that time of year again! SOFTBALL SEASON begins next week. Time to find the bat bags, dust off the cleats, and make sure everything still fit!

In the beginning weather is always a factor if we’ll have practice/game living in the soggy NW! Rain out number always on the ready. If we’re lucky we’ll get a few practices in before the games begin.

I love watching the practices! Watching the girls meet their coach and making the introductions of the old & new teammates. The girls grow so much from the beginning of the season to the end.

Seeing those active parents helping out where need be, and the little siblings watching in aw of the big girls. Here’s a shot from one of the first 2011 practices. My daughter Breanna up to bat w/ coach Granum at the ready. Too bad she got “out” by my husband who caught her fly ball! haa haa Good times!

A start of the spring means the pasty white Oregonian skin emerges from the indoors and everyone get off the couch like a bear in hibernation.

Oregon is beautiful in the spring. All that rain brings beautiful flowers & trees. With this comes fresh cut grass followed by allergies! Buying tissues & allergy meds by the bulk. Which reminds me….. I should check to verify the first aid kit is stocked for those random softball injuries.

Don’t forget the fun stuff like sun flower seeds, black paint for the under eyes, and the sassy cheers we’ll hear over and over and over again. 🙂

Time to grab my long lens and get ready to capture the action of HGSA 2012 season! See you on the field ladies!

Today, the day before spring break, we woke to some snow fall!!   All the Hillsboro schools were put on a 2 hour delay. It was a perfect amount of time allowing the kids to play in the snow before it melts.

Of course days like this I start thinking about my school days and how seldom we had snow days. There is however one day I will always remember.

I believe I was in 5th or 6th grade. There was a threat of snow to come but since it hadn’t arrived yet everyone went off to school. Shortly after the day started the snow began to dump!! All the students were having a hard time focusing on what the teacher was saying with such a rare occasion happening outside. It was coming down so fast it collected quickly on the roads. Over the classroom speakers we hear the announcement arrangements are being made for the kids to return home.

Teachers gave up focusing on school work and allowed us kids to watch the magic fall from the sky. As a kid in a place that rarely gets snowfall it’s an amazing sight. The flakes were massive, and everything began to turn white.

I believe around the same time frame our class was shown how to create snowflakes out of folded paper, proving the point that no snowflake is same.

It was almost lunch time but instead of serving lunch it’d be easier to wait until everyone got home to eat. Instead the principal decided while they were waiting for busses to arrive they’d bake up FRESH rolls for the kids to tide them over. You know that smell of baked bread?? It consumed the school. They brought big trays to each class room still warm & ever so soft. Delicious!

I can’t remember what happened once we got home. I’m sure snow men & angels were made alone with a neighborhood snow ball fight. But I do clearly remember the big snowflakes fall outside the classroom window and how amazing that roll tasted.

It’s funny the things that make an impression on your through life.

Mar 15, 2012

Ok we all know it…this weather in the Portland Metro area has been insane (snow, down pour rain, high winds, sun, repeat).  It makes it really hard to schedule outside portraits.   Those brief moments of sun has me looking forward to those spring days I can once again return to Hondo Dog Park!  OH how I miss thee as I’m sure the doggies do as well!


If you haven’t taken your furies there  it’s a must!   They can run freely smiling from ear to ear while playing with the other kids.  It’s the best groomed dog park I’ve found.  They  have a big, little/timid, and a winter section.   The little side is fantastic for my little boy Jester (Shitzu mini poodle) who thinks he’s a big dog.  If you think about it don’t most little dogs believe they are much bigger than they REALLY are!!  BUT only when there’s a fence between them and the massive canine can they be tough & worry free.

Now my little guy knows the word “DOG PARK” !  Your’s will to if you start going!  If those two words leave my mouth he’s already excitement giving me that cute little head turn of,  “Really are we going???”.  He even knows the car ride and shakes in excitement at the light approaching the park.

Now my little guy may be small but don’t count him out in any game a chase! He’s a lot faster than he looks.   If  he encounters another dog in his way he has no problem making the leap over them to keep the lead. Tables turn though when the miniature greyhounds arrive. Only then does he get wide eyed and waive the white flag running for “base”  (aka the bench where the parents reside).

It truly is funny to watch. Much like elementary school you will have the “clicks” and the chit chat of the parents watching the kids play. I highly recommend anyone with a dog check it out. Be sure to bring a water bowl because all that playing requires many drink breaks.  And a towel because boy they sure do get dirty having all that fun!    See you next sunny day! I’ll be the one with the big camera. 🙂

Hondo is just off of highway 26 next to the Hillsboro stadium.  CHECK IT OUT!!!



Feb 13, 2012

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! Are you ready????  It’s a day filled with beautiful flowers, tasty chocolates, mushy cards, and hearts galore. Some people embrace it fully making it an special day with that special someone.  Some fight it completely by calling it a Hallmark holiday. No matter what you believe tomorrow is still Feb 14th.

Many classrooms will have a party and hand out cards to each classmate. Instead of buying a 30 pack of some cheesy V-cards I found a neat idea on Pinterest. What do you think? 🙂 She’ll have 3 different ones to hand out. Taylor is super excited to hand them out to her friends tomorrow.

You can follow my Pinterest page at or click on the P button at the top of my page.

MY VDAY PLANS INCLUDE: A nice romantic dinner with my husband at PF Chang’s. We’ll head home afterwards, completely stuffed, and most likely watch a movie/show. You want to know the best part?  Every day is Valentine’s day as long as it’s shared with my Valentine.

TIP TO ALL COUPLES: On our wedding day we vowed to have a date night once a month. We picked the 20th since it was the day we got married. No matter what day of the week it may land that’s date night. The date can be big or small, but set aside one day to slow down and reconnect. We all lead busy lives but take a moment!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day tomorrow!