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Cortney is a DRP model straight from the class of 2014.  A high school senior at Century High School.

Several years ago I had the privilege of photographing her sister Meranda and now it was Cortney’s turn.  Unlike her sisters session we lucked out and got amazing Oregon weather.

What a perfect day her portraits turned out to be. Lovely colors on the trees, nice soft clouds w/ a hint of sun, and a glamorous model. Cortney knew exactly the look she wanted for her portraits but was up for any adventure I took her on. We roamed up and down the streets of Downtown Portland Waterfront.  Up in parking garages, in low traveled streets, in the park, on a bench. You name it we took it. Such a stunning young woman.

It was an honor to be her HS Senior Portrait Photographer. It’s just a remarkable time in a students life.   731684 7 3 2 Boutique Imagery for the Modern Client!!! THANKS FOR READING! CALL TODAY and lets get your stunning family up on your walls displayed to view every day. If you’d like to stalk me see below!   🙂 {Follow me} on Twitter:  DRPLife {Follow me} on Instagram: DRPLife {Follow me} on Pinterest: DRPLife {Follow me} on Facebook and “like” My DRP page

In my profession, having a model that is willing to try anything to get that perfect shot is always a nice treat to have.  If that model also happens to be stunningly beautiful, that helps too!  Luckily my latest target, Megan Granum, is both!  On a cloudy and occasionally rainy day in downtown Portland, we had an amazing time moving, posing and generally being silly.  Megan was willing to try just about anything with an unbelievable enthusiasm.

Her quirky attitude made for some interesting and funny poses.  She brought with her a pretty colorful collection of outfits and we managed to get shots in each of them.  The wind was not working in our favor while changing but was certainly appreciated when posing (who needs a wind machine when you have the real thing right?).

Megan is a smart young woman who is going to achieve great things in life.  She is passionate and quiet the go get’er.  I mean come on….this girl has already achieved getting her pilots licenses before she’s even graduated high school! Not to mention holding down a PT job at a law firm. AMAZING!

Megan Granum Valley Catholic High School

Megan Granum Valley Catholic High School

Sep 26, 2012

I had the privilege of photographing this lovely young woman named Ashley.  She’s an outgoing bubbly girl who shines super bright.  Many clients you have to work for those smiles but not Ashley.  I bet she’d smile ear to ear all day long if she could.  Models like this make my job so easy.

Amanda Seyfried better watch out because she has a twin!




Jun 26, 2012

When it rains, it pours.  And if you live in Portland, you have to expect it to rain….a lot!  But, if you have the right attitude, you can even turn a rainy backdrop into a series of stunning photos.  After a series of rain delays, we finally picked a day to get some shots done.  We packed a car with me, my camera, my assistant, a few umbrellas, a carload of outfits and  my Hilhi senior rep, Breanna C.  Knowing what I do about Portland, I should have known that if the forecast calls for partly cloudy, that equals rain.  Luckily we were able to find a covered bridge in Portland’s industrial district that allowed us quite a few locations to shoot


The great thing about shooting in Portland is that even when you walk down the same road, there are a multitude of ever changing backdrops you can use.  From train tracks to loading docks, staircases to hidden alcoves, we managed to get quite the variety of shots.  We literally stopped traffic at one point (because we were shooting in the middle of the street)!

Breanna was a great sport throughout the shoot and the photos speak to her beauty and style.  She just wrapped up her Junior year at Hilhi and is looking forward to that all important senior year.  Despite the glam look she portrays in the pictures, she has no problem getting down and dirty playing softball for the past 4 years.  In school, she channels a lot of her energy into her art, which she has a real talent for.  As part of the Leadership group, she also helps decorate the school for all the social events.  You may have seen some of her work decorating the halls of Hilhi and didn’t even know it.

If you see her roaming the halls, congratulate her on her work ask her for a postcard that is worth a $35 print credit at!

Jun 12, 2012

Oh how I love Prom!  That special time of year when the guys dress up in their very best finery and the girls spend all day getting their hair and make-up done before slipping into that special dress for a night of celebration.  Getting that perfect look is almost more important than actually attending.  What better way to preserve how great you and your date look than in a photograph.  Before the Hilhi senior prom, 4 couples decided to do just that, and allowed me to be the honored photog.  Maggie & Austin, Courtney & Jacob, Anna & Junior, and Lacey & Jesus all met me at the top of Rocky Butte state park for a series of stunning pictures with Portland itself being the backdrop.

All the girls looked stunning and the men just as dapper as we posed, glammed, and just got silly.  Some of the girls were a little wobbly trying to navigate the stony steps in those killer heels but the boys were always there to lend a hand (and even carry them around in some cases)!  It was a great time and everyone left with a killer smile and some amazing shots.  Now off to the party!!