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Some of my clients may not know that aside from my photography business I also work full time as a bookkeeper at Noyes Development Co.  It’s a great company to work for, and  Peter is the owner.

I’ll be shooting their wedding in a few weeks, but they had an idea to create a picture book for their guests to sign vs a traditional book.  It was a wonderful idea. As I helped them put it together I suggested an engagement shoot  to have some additional images for the book. I’m so glad they took me up on it.

I was SO nervous!!!!  I’ve seen him almost daily for 5 years, there was no reason to be nervous. I think I just wanted it to be PERFECT!

They arrived at the Hillsboro Library around 6 pm that day. It was a beautiful day for photos.  I could hear the rumble of his pride and joy coming well before I saw the bright red wagon!

Below are the highlights of their session. Fun was had by all!

Karen & John hired me to do their wedding which was planned for 11/11/11.

On July 20th, 2011 I received a call from Karen wanting to know if I was free that coming Saturday. Sadly they had received news a dear friend didn’t have much longer to be with them, and were attempting to move up the wedding. In a mad dash family & friends pulled together and planned a beautiful beach wedding in 3 days!

I’m honored to have been a part of such an amazing day!

Sadly they lost their long time friend only a week later, but this day will forever be a memory with her in it!

Princess Payton!

Payton is one of those miracle babies you hear about now and again.

Wendy, Payton’s mother, was told she was unable to conceive a child.   Saddened by this news her & her husband decided to take a vacation to Maui.  When they returned home Wendy confirmed with the doctors she was pregnant!!!   Payton Jane Ferguson Arrived: May 10, 2011 at 10:27 am

No pregnancy complications what so ever! Just a beautiful baby girl! All they needed was a little Maui on their side!

Wendy was referred to me by the lovely Kim & Phil Cariss.  I did their newlywed portraits just a few weeks prior! Thank you!

On 7/24/11 I was honored to capture this beautiful baby boy Kellen Wright.

Kellen was eager to see the world!! They tried to convince him he needed time to grow but he grew impatient. At only 34 weeks gestation he arrived at 7:06pm on June 18, 2011.  He was so very delicate at only 3lbs 15oz.  Little Kellen was in the ICU for several weeks but managed to grow and was soon able to come home to his new family.

These images were taken when he was 36 days and still smaller than most newborns. He’s doing very well and growing like a little weed.

Congratulation to father Scott, mother Angela, and big brother Tyler Wright!

Kellen Wright

Kellee  & Gerald Gallagher married 6/25/2011 in the Gazebo right by the Columbia River in my home town St. Helens , OR.  Earlier in the week it was threatening to rain, but what a beautiful day it turned out to be!!! The bride and groom where beaming with excitement the entire day. They are truly in love and I was honored to share in their special day! Congratulation!  May your love & partnership grow as the years pass!