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Jun 06, 2016

I wanted to take this moment to congratulate all students of the 2016 graduating class.  I feel truly honored that you trusted me to capture this special moment in your life.  Each of you brought your own unique personality and energy to these shoots.  I hope you had as much fun as I did!

I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.


2016 Graduating Class

2016 Graduating Class

2016 Graduating Class

2016 Graduating Class

2016 Graduating Class

2016 Graduating Class


I remember my senior portrait session like it was yesterday. I felt like I was in my very own glamour style photo shoot. I’m grateful of the images we captured in such a key time of my life. My senior portrait is still hanging in my mother’s home to this day.

What would you want out of your senior pictures?

Do you have any ideas for your own personalized senior portrait like the 2016 graduating class?  A pose you saw on Pinterest? That outfit you wore when you met that special someone? Maybe your first car that got you and your friends around all year long? I want each senior to feel like they are getting their own unique photo.  I want to work with you to help craft that picture you have in your head and make it come true!






Let’s talk portrait location. Danyel Rogers Photography goes to a handful of portrait locations. We’d like to share images from each location to help future clients visualize what the scene would look like for their portrait session.

Portrait Location #1  Dawson’s Creek /Hillsboro Main Library

This park is frequented by photographers, and there’s a reason why. It’s beautiful!!! The ponds, bridges, flowers, fountains, a cool tunnel and stunning trees make for a wide variety of background options at this location.  This park works for any portrait session your wanting: children, seniors, pets, and even car enthusiasts. Overall, a GREAT portrait location.

Dawsons Creek Hillsboro Library Portrait Location
Dawsons Creek Hillsboro Library Portrait Location

Dawsons Creek Hillsboro Library Portrait Location

Dawsons Creek Hillsboro Library Portrait Location

Portrait Location #2 Portland International Rose Test Gardens/Washington Park

As much as you’d think this portrait location focus would be the roses…. it’s not for Danyel Rogers Photography. In fact, during our sessions we usually work the outside edges of the garden. The backdrop is spectacular. On a clear day you can see the city in the background.  There’s neat little benches around the garden, the amphitheater steps, Shakespeare dedication brick wall, and even some water fountain pieces.

Portland Rose Test Gardens Portrait LocationPortland Rose Test Garden Portrait Location

Portrait Location #3 – Central Park in Orenco Station Hillsboro, OR

Central park is a portrait location meant for a Greek god/goddess. The pillars, ivy, and archways are a perfect backdrop for a portrait session.  I particularly love going to Central Park in the fall. The leaves turn a breathtaking bright red. It gives your images that extra pop.  My lovely assistant trademarked his signature pose at this location. As the sun is setting in the back of our models, it gives a beautiful sparkle of summer, regardless of the season.

Central Park Orenco Station Portrait Location

Portrait Location #4  Rood Bridge Park Hillsboro, OR

Rood Bridge Park is conveniently right down the street from Hillsboro High School. This park has many acres of trails that sprout off between ponds, streams, and stone bridges. This park has a meeting facility as well as covered picnic areas (with a wood fireplace) you can rent for birthday parties, reunions, etc…  The downside to this park is it is used for large parties which can make the open park congested with people but there are still plenty of places to shoot.

The best time to come to this park is when the rhododendron garden is in bloom. This would also be a good location for tennis players as there is a full tennis court on the property.

Rood Bridge Park Portrait Location

Portrait Location #5 Downtown Portland – Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Downtown PDX offers a variety of unique city backdrops.  In a short distance you can hit a park, a theater, a church, even a cool fountain.   When I’m downtown I’m always looking for interesting walls, doors, streets, anything that scream Portland! to use.   I’ve even located a quiet, safe street for ‘middle of the street’ photos.

What about taking a “break” at a coffee shop or stopping for ice cream.  Even breaks can make for a great candid couple/engagement or family portrait oppertunities.

One note to anyone photographing downtown, security is not fond of people taking pictures by Federal Buildings.  Yes, I’ve done it without ever realizing it. Security is pretty fast to correct you.

Portland Waterfront Portrait Location

Portrait Location #6 Cathedral Park Portland, OR

I’ve only photographed at Cathedral Park once but it’s just stunning. I look forward to getting back there soon. The bridge arches are perfect for framing an image.  You could even venture down to the water if you’re daring.


Cathedral Park Portland Oregon Portrait Location

Portrait Location #7 OMSI

Images in the OMSI area is more of a grunge/city location.  This area has really been developed with the new light rail going in.

Of course you can also have the city as your backdrop, but there is also the Willamette river or you can even go down on the docks. I’d highly suggest this location for High School Senior guys. If mom wants some nice portraits for her son, but you’d like something a little less girlie, this would be a great location for both of you.

OMSI Portrait Location

Portrait Location #8 YOUR High School

I don’t recommend your entire portrait session be held at your school but going by your high school can provide a specific school memory you want captured:  The football field you played at. Where you sat during lunch. Maybe even your customized parking spot you had for your car.  Whatever memory you want to immortalize.

High School Portrait Location

Now you have an idea of portrait locations. Where do you want YOUR session to be?


If you’re a photographer reading this post, where’s your favorite locations to photograph at?  Comment below!  The Portland Metro area has a wide range of stunning backdrops. I know there’s some mystery gems I’m not aware of.


Cortney is a DRP model straight from the class of 2014.  A high school senior at Century High School.

Several years ago I had the privilege of photographing her sister Meranda and now it was Cortney’s turn.  Unlike her sisters session we lucked out and got amazing Oregon weather.

What a perfect day her portraits turned out to be. Lovely colors on the trees, nice soft clouds w/ a hint of sun, and a glamorous model. Cortney knew exactly the look she wanted for her portraits but was up for any adventure I took her on. We roamed up and down the streets of Downtown Portland Waterfront.  Up in parking garages, in low traveled streets, in the park, on a bench. You name it we took it. Such a stunning young woman.

It was an honor to be her HS Senior Portrait Photographer. It’s just a remarkable time in a students life.   731684 7 3 2 Boutique Imagery for the Modern Client!!! THANKS FOR READING! CALL TODAY and lets get your stunning family up on your walls displayed to view every day. If you’d like to stalk me see below!   🙂 {Follow me} on Twitter:  DRPLife {Follow me} on Instagram: DRPLife {Follow me} on Pinterest: DRPLife {Follow me} on Facebook and “like” My DRP page

Meet Arden, a beautiful HS Senior from Scappoose, OR.   I photographed her brother, Andrew,  a few years ago and now it was her turn for the spotlight.   She was super nervous in the beginning but we got her out of her shell in the end.

The first thing I noticed about Arden was her complete mustache outfit:  Shirt, Belt, shoes, necklace, etc….. Loved it!  After Kat, my lovely hair and makeup artist, had completed her look we were off to our first destination.

We started out at the Portland Rose Test Garden up by the Zoo.  She looked stunning.  To help ease her into the shoot we did some fun silly pictures with her and her sister. Such an amazing bond they had.  The other visitors couldn’t help but watch the action.

Near the end we moved to a very quiet one way road (completely safe mind you) for a few shots. At one point we moved to the side as we heard a motorcycle  coming. Funniest thing ever!!!  The motorcyclist finally becomes visible  fully decked out in black riding gear, tinted black helmet, driving an old Vespa Moped.  Arden gave her best princess wave as he drove by. We got the shot(s) and moved onto the next location.

Downtown Portland was a place she frequently visited so it seemed only fitting to use that as our second shooting location. The waterfront was the perfect setting for our final location.

I know it was difficult for her to be the main focus but she did fantastic.  I know it’s hard to view ourselves and not be critical but it makes me so excited when a model loves their portraits.

Such a stunning young lady! Show your support and comment below.



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In my profession, having a model that is willing to try anything to get that perfect shot is always a nice treat to have.  If that model also happens to be stunningly beautiful, that helps too!  Luckily my latest target, Megan Granum, is both!  On a cloudy and occasionally rainy day in downtown Portland, we had an amazing time moving, posing and generally being silly.  Megan was willing to try just about anything with an unbelievable enthusiasm.

Her quirky attitude made for some interesting and funny poses.  She brought with her a pretty colorful collection of outfits and we managed to get shots in each of them.  The wind was not working in our favor while changing but was certainly appreciated when posing (who needs a wind machine when you have the real thing right?).

Megan is a smart young woman who is going to achieve great things in life.  She is passionate and quiet the go get’er.  I mean come on….this girl has already achieved getting her pilots licenses before she’s even graduated high school! Not to mention holding down a PT job at a law firm. AMAZING!

Megan Granum Valley Catholic High School

Megan Granum Valley Catholic High School