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Over the weekend I took my youngest daughter Taylor on a Mother Daughter date.    I wasn’t 100% sure what to do after but figured we could talk it over at dinner.

As we drove to Red Robin we passed a sign for the Hillsboro High School Play, Beauty & The Beast.  PERFECT!   I had yet to see a play even though my oldest daughter, Breanna, attends Hilhi.

We arrived early to get good seats.  It was amazing how many people we ran into:  Taylor’s teacher from last year, clients I had photographed, softball teammates, and friends we hadn’t seen in awhile.

I brought my camera unsure if pictures would be allowed.  The conductor instructed the audience to turn off cellphones and no flash photography!  Got it! No flash!

The kids did a fantastic job and the singing was amazing!  I can’t wait to attend the next Hilhi Play.



Sep 26, 2012

I had the privilege of photographing this lovely young woman named Ashley.  She’s an outgoing bubbly girl who shines super bright.  Many clients you have to work for those smiles but not Ashley.  I bet she’d smile ear to ear all day long if she could.  Models like this make my job so easy.

Amanda Seyfried better watch out because she has a twin!




Aug 30, 2012

Are you tired of getting those annual “blah” school pictures???   Well DRP is offering up a solution!

For ONE DAY ONLY I’ll be hosting a back to school D-Lux School Portrait Event. One pose & one backdrop fully retouched.  I’ll be shooting all day to allow the most kids to participate.

All kids must have a scheduled time, including siblings!!!

Call TODAY 503.330.7669 to ensure you don’t miss out on this one day event!

Notice: These images can not be used for the  Junior & High School yearbook image. I’ve included a print credit coupon for parents that want to schedule a separate High School Seniors Session.

Jun 26, 2012

When it rains, it pours.  And if you live in Portland, you have to expect it to rain….a lot!  But, if you have the right attitude, you can even turn a rainy backdrop into a series of stunning photos.  After a series of rain delays, we finally picked a day to get some shots done.  We packed a car with me, my camera, my assistant, a few umbrellas, a carload of outfits and  my Hilhi senior rep, Breanna C.  Knowing what I do about Portland, I should have known that if the forecast calls for partly cloudy, that equals rain.  Luckily we were able to find a covered bridge in Portland’s industrial district that allowed us quite a few locations to shoot


The great thing about shooting in Portland is that even when you walk down the same road, there are a multitude of ever changing backdrops you can use.  From train tracks to loading docks, staircases to hidden alcoves, we managed to get quite the variety of shots.  We literally stopped traffic at one point (because we were shooting in the middle of the street)!

Breanna was a great sport throughout the shoot and the photos speak to her beauty and style.  She just wrapped up her Junior year at Hilhi and is looking forward to that all important senior year.  Despite the glam look she portrays in the pictures, she has no problem getting down and dirty playing softball for the past 4 years.  In school, she channels a lot of her energy into her art, which she has a real talent for.  As part of the Leadership group, she also helps decorate the school for all the social events.  You may have seen some of her work decorating the halls of Hilhi and didn’t even know it.

If you see her roaming the halls, congratulate her on her work ask her for a postcard that is worth a $35 print credit at!

Jun 14, 2012

The first time I met my Glencoe Senior Rep, Collin Lashway, he looked much different than the man I had the privilege of photographing.  On a  cloudy Saturday  morning, he and his mom were watching his little sister’s baseball game (my daughter is on the same team).  Dressed in his Saturday morning, cold weather gear and sporting long locks under his ski hat, he was definitely not photo ready (nor was I for that matter).

However, the man that stepped out onto the streets of Portland, clean shaved and sporting a freshly pressed shirt and tie could have come right of the page of GQ.

As a member of Glencoe Lacrosse team, you could see he was a team player by his willingness to help during the shoot.  On a few occasions we had to remind him that he was the talent and not the assistant.  He was funny, charming, polite and patient.  We worked together to find some poses that worked while staying in his comfort zone.  Whenever I asked him to just be himself, his trademark smirk came out!

Collin will be representing Danyel Rogers Photography and Glencoe Lacrosse as a senior next year.   If you can’t find him on the field or in class, you might want to try Gimre’s Shoes in Downtown Hillsboro where he will be working this summer.  Cheer him on, ask to see the trademark smirk or stop on in for pair of shoes and don’t forget to ask him for a postcard for $35 print credit at