oregon coast

One of the best things about living in Portland is that it's only around a 2 hour drive to some of the best beaches on the coast. We have been to many of them up and down Oregon and have settled on these ones as our favorites. Honesty there isn't really a bad beach anywhere, these are the ones we just find ourselves going to again and again. They each have their charm, their own unique looks and are all paw approved by our pack. Granted they are a dripping, sandy mess afterwards but they have the time of their lives.

  •  Quaint, small town coastal city feel
  •  Perfect for spending the day on the beach
  •  Best place to view Haystack Rock
  • Parking can get tricky on weekends. Be prepared to walk!
  •  End of the Lewis and Clark trail
  •  Massive beach with plenty of room
  •  Also the most popular beach so not good if you don’t like crowds
  • Seaside has the air of an outdoor carnival during the summer months
  •  Pet friendly public beach
  •  Massive sand dunes with stunning vistas from the top (it’s a tough climb though)
  •  Great for beach sessions and sunset pictures
  • Typically not as crowded as other Oregon beaches

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