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Become the warrior that you are.

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A unique and empowering experience that celebrates the strength, beauty, and resilience of cancer Warriors through stunning imagery.

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Session Information

Group Setting

Why a Group of Warriors:

  • Confidence in Numbers
  • Relatability to the Journey
  • New Found Relationships

$90 Experience Fee

Fee Covers:

  • Warrior Makeup Kit to Create Your Look
  • Custom Photoshoot w/ props
  • Light Snacks & Beverages
  • Creative Artistry Editing
  • 1 social media share file


** additional purchase **

Artwork Finishes Available:

  • Matted & Framed
  • Canvas Pro
  • Acrylic Pro
  • Metal Pro
  • Deckled Edge

Do I need to bring my own WARDROBE?

We ask that you wear a pair of black leggings, and for your top wear a dark tank or tube top. This is purely so your clothing isn't a distraction. Some black tube tops are available at the studio if needed. Sizes are limited.
We have a plethora of warrior accessories you can use (e.g. faux furs, swords & daggers, battle helmet, arm cuffs, jewelry, and more.)


Are we photographed as a group?

The sessions have up to 4 spots to reserve but this is an individual experience.
The group setting is purely to lean on each other for confidence, ideas, and new found friends that can relate to our cancer experiences.

Do I need to do my own warrior MAKEUP?

We've got all the warrior makeup you'll need, but please come with your foundation and mascara on.
We can apply your warrior makeup for you or you can apply your own. Either is fine, just let us know which you'd prefer.

Will my breasts be exposed in the portraits?

The priority of these sessions is bringing out that inner warrior that's inside of you. We want you to feel powerful! The warrior experience is about empowerment.
If you do want some imagery like that we'd be happy to oblige, but that's up to each individual.

Is there restrictions on what type or length of time since my cancer diagnosis?

Absolutely NOT!! Even if you've had a different type of cancer, you're still a warrior in our opinion. If it's been 10+ years since your diagnosis we don't care. Let us help celebrate your strength, courage, and resilience.

What about my HAIR or lack thereof?

If chemo has taken your hair no problem. Let's make you the badass you are. We can paint your head, or just leave it bare. Many warriors are bald. Embrace it!
Short hair can be slicked back, left alone, or spiked up.
Longer hair we generally put small braids in around the face and add cuffs to the hair.

Can I bring a friend with me?

I wish we could say yes, but we're working with limited space so we ask you come alone. If your really needing that support please contact us to receive prior authorization to do so.
If you or someone you know had Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) or any other form or stage of breast cancer, you (or they) deserve to take the time to celebrate coming out the other side! Let's face it, after surgery the body can feel so very different! The body will never be what it was and that's okay. It's important to embrace the changes that make us who we are today. We are strong. We are survivors. We are warriors!!!


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About Warrior Women Creator

  • Diagnosed with DCIS Triple Negative Breast Cancer July 2022

  • Double Mastectomy in Aug 2022 with a flat closure (no reconstruction planned)

  • Four rounds of chemo (originally 8 but lymph nodes were clean)

  • Second surgery Dec 2022. DMX incision had constant infections and never fully healed

  • May 1st Warrior Women Portraits was created to celebrate the strength, beauty, and resilience of breast cancer survivors through stunning warrior imagery